Grass feed Maize feed
Working speed Up to 18 km/h Up to 12 km/h
Depending on the header device and the growth
Penetration width 560 mm
Chaff knife 5 10
Adjusting the length of the cut stepless stepless
Electrically adjustable through control element in the tractor
Chaff lengths From 8 – 36 mm From 4– 18 mm
Corn shredding Mastercracker 250″ System for series lines
Working width 440 mm
Re-shredding Actual cracker gap 1,150 mm
How it works Two rollers, moving in opposite directions, with convex and concave
40 mm wide tools (250mm diameter)
(can be replaced individually)
Metal detector For series production
Automatic central lubrication unit For series production
Automatic grinding assembly For series production
Operations can be controlled through a
multifunctional level in series production
Can Bus System For all control functions and operations
RPM monitor for Cracker
Automatic speed adjustment of the header devices
Automatic control of the central lubrication (time control)
Grass feed Maize feed
LACOTEC Pick Up (from 2011)
Width of engagement 2.75m
Maize headers 4 – 6 rows
Mass and weights
Base machine 2,900 kg
Width 2,600 mm
Length (without header) 1,150 mm
High performance 5,700 mm
Height in the transport position 3,950 mm
Driving power min. — max. 147-367 KW (200-500 HP)
Speed of the power take off shaft 900 U/min